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Brick Laying Tools and Masonry Testimonials

  1. I'm student at a vo-tech school in new jersey, and on the skills USA "teamworks" as the plumber/mason, I had a very hard time keeping the mud on my trowel and block. we managed to win the gold medal overall. I wish I came across this video sooner. I've been getting good in practice for the national conference thanks to this gentleman. Thank you so very much! I've learned more technique from this 5 minute video than any of my teachers could in the 2 months before the state conference. I love masonry now.
  2. This is the best demonstration of "proper" blocklaying that I have seen on film. Mostly because of very little wasted motions.
  3. I've been bricking now for the last 5 years and his technique is fantastic going 2 try it myself tomorrow at work :-)
  4. I just layed my first course of a block wall...ever. It took me two hours to lay 5 bricks! Mortar kept sliding off the trowel, once I'd place the mortar on the sides of the block it would fall off before I could get the block in place! Watching you was inspirational! I'm going to tackle the second course now!
  5. Utterly Amazing. The ease with which the guy spreads the gobbo, perfectly along the edges then places the breeze blocks. super"!
  6. I have nothing but respect for a man who can work a trowel that good. I am only an apprentice of 2 years but hope to master my chosen trade one day. smooth skills my friend :) Liverpool, England
  7. This is a man's work! =D I'm only an apprentice currently and even as a laborer, I love every bit of it, it's like being payed to work out.. and at the end you get to say you built something that's going to be there for a very long time =)
  8. I've watched concrete block laying videos for two hours. This is awesome! Finally a man who is one in his profession. Thanks for sharing your talent.
  9. Nice neat technique, I'm learning at 35, my whole life I've been doing odds and ends, but I've finally found a trade I want to learn and be really good at, not just for money but self rewarding work too. its an age old skill, I hope I can be as good as this guy. He works fast too.
  10. I just started on with a masonry company a week and a half ago. I think I'm in love. This is a good trade and I can't wait to get better at it.

Brick Laying Tools and Masonry Testimonials

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