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1. Make sure the tool you are going to buy will last you a good long time. marshaltown, and rose are my personal preference, rose out doing the marshaltown. They both are of fine quality.

2. Make sure your trowel has a slight bulge in the handle, this will reduce fatigue from clutching the trowel all day.

3. Make sure the trowel has a good spring to the steel, this is important in spreading out your mud and shaking mud, "flexible" in other words. Not too springy though, that will indicate the trowel is weak.

4. When purchasing brick masonry tools , such as jointers, the hubbard jointer is the most preferred by most masons, there is a replica with china printed on it, I have used this tool and found it to be of less quality than the hubbard jointer, the barrels don't stay intact very good. The ideal level if for masonry construction is either crick, or stabila they are of good quality, a note on the crick, this is a wood level and you must protect it from the weather or it will warp out of plumb. Both of these levels can take a beating and stay level, but a good general rule of thumb is to not hit your level, but they do accidentally get dropped off the scaffolding, kicked and abused in many other ways so a good level is important especially if you are making a living with it.

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The brick masonry tools for landscaping block: Wheelbarrow, shovel, garden rake, line, level, hand tamper, compactor, rubber hammer, masonry chisel, eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, circular saw with masonry blade, measuring tape, marking pencil, Caulk Gun. 

The industry standard for professional use is the Jackson 6CF Steel Wheelbarrow, model M6. This 6CF steel tray is relied upon by professionals for its durable performance. These models come with a variety of features such as pneumatic tubed tires, flat free tires, ball bearings, extra large wood handles and heavy duty undercarriage with "leg stabilizers" to make the wheelbarrow up to 4 times more tip resistant. 

The strongest 6CF steel tray is the "folded" tray, found on the M11T22 model. The metal is extra heavy gauge and is folded and welded at the seam. There is also a steel coil inserted in the top rool of the tray to assure ultimate strength and durability. This is an excellent tool for hauling mortar or grout, it can take a beating from those rough and tough hod tenders. 

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