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We run all Masonry Contractors through a screening process to make sure we are delivering our visitors the most Experienced Masonry Contractors in the United States. 

A lot of homeowners want to use brick because they love the look of it's solid structure, it gives a secure, masculine feeling when your inside a home that has an armor coating.

Masonry is also great for siding, patios, fences, arches, buildings, retaining walls, and walks. Not only does it look great, but it lasts a long time and is maintenance free for many years.

If you hire a professional to do it, you not only get good quality from a professional you also get a warranty on the workmanship. If a mason is serious about what he does for a living he will offer a warranty of at least 1 year. Its best to target a well known professional. Such as those listed here. 

Especially of late finding work for most Masonry Contractors can be very difficult, if you are a sub or general contractor, stay connected to the building department and getting a list of the building permits in your area is very helpful in finding work. 

Can you keep other trades off your forklifts?

Masonry Contractors Tip:

By: President of Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc, and EZ Grout Corp

Do your own people constantly have trouble finding forklift keys when they need them? Here are a few tips you may want to try.

It's finally the weekend. Your crews have their 40 hours in so they are not on the project. The problem is that your equipment is, and so are some other trades. The roofers happen to be putting the plywood on the roof. The only way to get it up there is to tote it or rent a forklift. The roofers start thinking, "Why would we rent a forklift if there's one already setting on the job. site not being used?" By now they are drooling over your forklift and telling one another "Go ahead--Jump on it. It's a rental and no one will care anyway." They get a key or hot wire it then use it all weekend. Who's losing out in this scenario? You are!

Here's what some Masonry Contractors has done to help avoid this problem; we put great big signs with our company name up the side of the booms. Lang Masonry owns 13 Lulls. The sides of a Lull boom are not smooth so we weld studs on the sides of the boom, and fasten large metal signs to the studs. If we sell a forklift, the signs can be taken off of one and transferred to the next easily. This is not only great advertisement, it lets everyone on the job know that the forklift is not a rental! If they jump on the lift, there's no doubt whose forklift they are using and that they will be liable to the owners if they choose to use it.

Now that we solved the mystery of keeping others off our forklifts, how do we keep our own people on them? Here's another situation we used to find ourselves in. The first thing on a beautiful morning the foreman calls the office and says his job is shut down because Joe left the keys to the forklift on the bathroom sink at his house, or Joe went to a different job today and they are in his pocket. At other times our truck driver would call from a finished project and say, "I'm going to have to come back empty because I have been given the keys to Lull #8 and this is Lull #2". After years of fighting this problem, we found the perfect solution for our company. We now weld a 4-inch piece of 2- inch threaded pipe to the side plate under the dash of all forklifts and other large machinery. On the pipe and its cap we weld a half of a u-bolt. At the end of every day our operators put the keys to the machine in this pipe, screw the cap on, then put a master lock through the adjoining u-bolts. Our operators and truck drivers carry one master key with them at all times that will unlock any machine we own. One master key is much better than having to deal with 25 different keys.

The results of these few simple steps have saved an array of job site headaches. Due to the signs, very few other wades ever use our forklifts without permission. And as for the key holders, well, we haven't had a job site shut down or a trucker come back empty in years! Try this with your forklifts. It can work in your operation as well.

Just a little story of how I thought would be a good way to improve the Masonry Contractors and employee relationship.

I was driving down the road the other day hurrying to work and got pulled over by a police officer, naturally he wrote me up a nice juicy ticket and was on his way. A few days later while heading to the court house to take care of this ticket a police officer pulled a little way out in front of me, I followed him for a bit, and as I followed I got further and further behind, so I sped up to weeell... way over the speed limit, and he was still leaving me.

The thought of going to pay a ticket while this officer speeds on his way without lights or siren, kinda agitated me a little. So I got thinking to make this world a better place the officers or those in authority could go around and pay, or give bonuses to people at the end of the year for not having any tickets, misdemeanors, or felony's on their record and increase the desire of the people to obey the law instead of taunt them to break it.

This is also an excellent way to generate a good relationship with your employees, praise them for good through a bonus system or something of that nature and it will get them on your team with a lot better attitude to take care of your expensive equipment and most of all your customer base. Happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers make happy boss, a win win situation. - 

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