Grout Steam Cleaners

If you want to get the feel for how effective Grout Steam Cleaners work, then try this little experiment. Go outside and turn your water tap on. In one minute, approximately 8 gallons of water will pour out.

Now, attach a spray gun to your garden hose. You basically reduce the flow to about 5 gallons per minute. As a result, the water pressure increases from 10 PSI (pounds per square inch) to 40 PSI.

Just by adding an ordinary spray gun to your garden hose, you’ve increased the pressure by 4 times and simultaneously reduced the amount of water used.

Here’s the problem. The water pressure isn’t strong enough to actually clean anything, not a chance against Cleaning Stained Grout . It just pushes stuff around and gets your socks wet. 

A pressure washer takes the same principle to the extreme. It uses a gas-powered engine or an electric motor to greatly boost water pressure to 1000 to 4000 PSI. We’re talking about serious water pressure that can actually clean stuff, and if you are not careful, you could destroy stuff.

Careful use is recommended, due to extreme temperatures and pressure you can actually do a reverse effect if you don't take special care in how you operate it. Some steam cleaners shoppers are so focused on the price tag that they overlook the quality of the machine. If you separate them into three categories: Consumer, Mid-grade and Professional.

For homeowners, there’s no need to even consider a professional-grade Steam Cleaner unless they have equipment or a large farm or ranch. The trickier decision is choosing between consumer- and mid-grade.

Basically, here’s the difference:

Consumer-Grade Consumer-grade steam cleaners do a great job, and most people would be proud to own one. They’re also very affordable, starting around $299. However, they’re cheaper because they are made of less quality parts.

For example, consumer-grade machines feature a direct drive system. The axial cam pump is connected directly to the engine and spins at the same speed. As a result, the bearings wear down faster, shortening the life of the pump.

On the flip side, it’s often more cost effective to simply replace a consumer-grade Steam Cleaner than to repair one. If you plan to use it just a few times a year, get a consumer-grade power washer.

Mid-grade Mid-grade grout steam cleaners are more powerful with PSI ratings ranging from 2500 to 4000. They’re also made with higher-quality and more durable components.

For example, Mid-grade grade Grout Steam Cleaners often feature Honda GX instead of less quality Honda GC engines. They can also contain Triplex plunger pumps and professional grade guns and hoses.

If you plan to use your pressure washer for 100 to 1,000 hours per year, get a professional grade machine. You’ll be thankful you did, because you wont have to replace it every year. 

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To help decide which has the best Pressure Washer Ratings go to this page and see the consumer reports about the various types of pressure washers. 

Grout Steam Cleaners With Heat

Key Specs

  • Pressure (PSI): 3,000
  • Flow (GPM): 4
  • Engine: Honda with electric start
  • HP: 13
  • Pump: CAT 66DX
  • Drive: Belt
  • Gun: Industrial rear entry with 3ft. lance
  • Hose: 50ft. gray high-pressure hose with 3/8in. quick-couplers
  • Cart: 10-gauge steel frame with 1 1/4in. tubing and 14in. pneumatic tires
  • Fuel Capacity (gal.): Dual 8.75
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Diesel #1 & #2, kerosene and fuel oil
  • Max. Inlet Water Temp (°F): 140
  • Max. Output Water Temp (°F): 250
  • Steam Capable: Yes
  • Burner Type: 12V diesel with schedule 80 heating coil
  • Chemical Injector: Yes
  • Adjustable Pressure: Yes
  • Pump Oil Type: SAE30 non-detergent oil
  • Pump Oil Included: Yes
  • Thermal Protector: Yes
  • Battery Required: Yes
  • Battery Included: No
  • Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 64 x 33 x 42 1/2

General Specs

  • Temperature control
  • Racor® fuel filter
  • Extended run fuel tanks
  • Antivibration rubber V-mounts
  • Flow switch operated
  • Two 8 3/4-gallon gas tanks: red for gasoline, yellow for diesel
  • Includes inlet filter
  • Requires automotive battery (Typically not included)

Grout Steam Cleaners 

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