Used Forklift Forks

By replacing with Used Forklift Forks you can save considerable amounts of money over replacing the whole attachment. When replacing parts you have the option to replace with used or new parts. When it comes time to replace your forklift forks, you have several options available to you.

By understanding the options that you have you can make a better purchasing decision. This will ensure that you purchase the Used Forklift Forks that will work at optimum performance for your work needs. With optimum performance, you have increased productivity and reduced material damage.

When looking to replace your old ones with regular forks consider going with Vetter Quality Forks. They come with a reinforced heel that gives them longer life. They are designed to accommodate all makes and models of forklifts. Plant forks are designed to accommodate a specific make and model of equipment. These can be obtained in varying lengths to suit any needs you may have.

For telescopic extending forks, the Manutel G2 is a good option to go with. They lock on with a locking pin making them quick and easy to attach and remove from your equipment. With Manutel G2, you are guaranteed that all extensions are within the legal limits. These are suitable for indoor uses but can be used on a limited outdoor basis.

The stainless-steel-cladded forklift fork is the best option for areas that must be kept spark free. These areas include explosive environments where paint, chemicals and explosives are handled. These are also a great choice for food preparation areas for hygiene purposes.

ITA Class 2 and Class 3 Block forks are designed to lift large amounts of cement or concrete blocks at one time. These have a concave radius and elongated tube for application on rough terrain. These are the choice for those in the construction field where the ability to move this material in record time increases productivity of the job.

Other options include tapered and blunt end forks. Tapered works great for inserting into the spaces in pallets for easy lifting. Blunt ends are optimum for handling products where there is a risk of puncturing the product or container with pointed ends. These include containers such as steel and plastic drums, enclosed boxes and plastic bins.

In some instances, you can get away with using a regular standard forklift fork and utilize the use of a fork cover. The fork cover helps to prevent any type of marks or marring being left on the container or the product. The covers also help to protect the forks from heavy exposure to chemicals and other environmental factors that can lead to damage to the forks. This can help to extend the life of your new forks. Due to covers being able to cause friction they are however not suitable for explosive environments that need to remain spark-free.

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