Tapering blocks

Can someone please explain how to taper in blocks for a chimney. I am building a outdoor fireplace and I can not find anywhere the tells me how to start tapering in the block. To me it looks like they are just going to start falling in on them selves.

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Apr 03, 2012
Tapering in chimney block NEW
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello Tapering, what kind of tapering are we talking about, let me give you the 2 examples that I am asking you. 1. Some call tapering simply setting back say a 1/2 to 3" each course. 2. Some want tapering that is straight and out of plumb. To do this let's say you wanna run your wall up 4 feet and be 4" out of plumb. Get a piece of plywood cut it 4 feet long and mark it form nothing to 4", you follow?? now you have your template, OK? Take and wire it to your 4 foot level. Now when you lay your units, and plumb it, your level will read plumb, and your wall will be 4" out of plumb when you get to the top. Understand??? You can get a lot more information if you will go to brickcertification.com and read all the links, be sure and download all the FREE STUFF, especially the Book, THE SECRETE OF SQUARING UP BUILDING, You sound very ambious and that is good, so with your permission, I would also like to suggest you go to youbethebossbrickblockstonecontractor.com Be sure and check out all the GUARANTEES ON THESE SITES. If you have more questions you may contact me thru this great website or email me at clcbrickman@gmail.com or call me 24/7 at 602 692 1896.
Good Luck, and Thank you
Charlie Cummins

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