spicing it up

by Bob

Hello. I have question on how to give an old wall a facelift. Would it be better to just tear it down and redo it which is a lot of work, or is there a way to make the joints freshen up and the face look better?

I don't have a picture to show, sorry.

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Jul 14, 2008
by: Anonymous

If ya use a sandblaster and the joints are bad anyways, you ought to consider just retooling all your joints after you sandblast. You can get a grout bag and a bag of premixed mortar at most any hardware store, they probably have dye too. Simple to squish the mortar out the bag in the joints, then brush it good retool and your set.

Jul 09, 2008
Hi Bob,
by: Jim

Is there mortar all over the face, or does it just look old? Sandblasting helps to even out stains from water running down the brick or block, it also helps to remove splattered mortar. Be careful with a sandblaster, it might take the finish off and expose the aggregate of your mortar. I hope this helps.

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