Shaving around the door opening of a brick wall to fix replacement doors

At the time of installation to replace french doors, I learned that the replacement doors are slightly too large (about 1/2 inch on each side). The doors are located on a brick wall. There is some debate about whether the inside bricks on each side of the door opening can be shaved back a little so that the replacement doors would fit. There seems to be two concerns. First, understandably, a professional brick mason is needed. Second, if too much of the brick is shaved off, there would be a new problem with no solution; that is, the door would be too small. While I understand that, unlike shaving a wooden door, it would be more complicated to shave a brick wall at the door opening, is this task too complicated for a mason to attempt?

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Apr 03, 2012
shaving a brick wall to fit a door NEW
by: Charlie Cummins

Well Hello Shaving. My suggestion would be to shave/ saw only one side of the door. Do not attempt to take 1/2 " off both sides. Cut 1" off one side. Make sense? You need to also make sure that both the cut side of the door and the other side is plumb. In other words it will be fairly easy to cut 1" off the one side, but you gotta make sure the other side is plumb, so that you have size opening you want to fit the door. To learn a lot more about your project you should go to read all the links, and be sure to download all the FREE information on the site, as well as check out the GUARANTEE. You sound like a very handy person, therefore I would like to suggest with your permission, that you also check out if you have any more questions you can email me at or call 24/7 at 602 692 1896 after you have read the above sites.
Thank you
Charlie Cummins

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