Reinforcing Wire

Reinforcing Wire is an excellent way to connect brick veneer to a masonry structure. It generates lateral load strength; meaning "for instance there is an earthquake; earthquakes place lateral loads on the structure and it strengthens the structure as shown in the video ."

Prefabricated and designed for embedment in the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls.

Basic Uses:

Ladur-Eye can be used in a number of applications,especially when:

  • Adjacent wythes do not course out level with each other at the specified intervals required up to 1 1/4” coursing misalignment.
  • Proper mechanical attachment of rigid insulation to the backing wythe is required.
  • It is desirable to erect one wythe before starting the other wythe
  • Delivery of the facing material is delayed and accelerated enclosure is required to allow interior construction to proceed.
  • Improved parging coverage, or other manually applied waterproofing applications, to the backing wythe is required.


Tests show continuous Reinforcement improves masonry wall performance by providing

  • Crack control
  • Greater mason productivity
  • Vertical adjustability 

Anchoring System:

Plate is made in either 14 gauge or 12 gauge; wire is 3/16" diameter. Manufactured in mill galvanized, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel. Hook lengths are 3-1/4", 4-1/4" and 5-1/4". Hook adjustments are maximum of 1-1/4" up or down. Also made for insulated walls. 

Level Adjustable Tab:

Made in both ladder and truss, Level Adjustable tab has in-line tabs welded to side rods of 9-gauge or 3/16" wire. Profile of welded assembly does not exceed 3/16" height. Exceeds requirement of ASTM951. New design of tab meets ACI530 code. Tab lengths extend beyond block to accommodate varying widths of insulation. Tabs and wall ties are 3/16" diameter Reinforcing Wire. 

Level Eye Adjustable:

Level Eye is a continuous adjustable system designed with in-line eyelets welded to the side rod of 3/16" or 9 gauge wire. Profile of the entire welded assembly -- eyelets, pintles, cross and side wires -- does not exceed .3/16" in height. This insures complete mortar coverage for maximum strength. 

Mortar Net:

Mortar Net is placed on top of the flashing inside the cavity where it catches and suspends mortar droppings above the level of weep holes and flashing. Dovetail shape prevents the mortar from forming a continuous dam. The shape of the material, in combination with 90% open plastic mesh configuration, allows water and air to move rapidly and easily through material to the weeps greatly reducing the risk of efflorescence. 


Most all wire products are made with Wire conforming to the ASTM STANDARD SPECIFICATION for cold drawn steel for concrete reinforcement ASTM A82. Most stainless steel materials conforms to ASTM STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS A580, TYPE 304. Reinforcing Wire adds to as it provides the lateral strength to the wall, and a long lasting masonry structure, and that is what is interested in and to provide quality information to any visitor to this site that we may help improve the masonry industry and peradventure bring you an excellent professional quality tool selection. 

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