Parge removal, not application. Need help!!!

by Ryan Blodgett
(North Andover, MA)

OK, so recently I began gutting the attic of our house to build a family room. In the center of the room was a column covered in lovely horsehair plaster. After tearing down all the walls I noticed the column was actually the furnace exhaust covered in brick with a very thick layer of parge applied all around. In some spots it is brown, dry, and falls off easily, exposing very good brickwork. I would rather knock all the cement off and expose the brick column to add to the aesthetic of the room rather than just cover it back up. The real matter is that where the cement is still strong it is almost impossible to strip off. Is there an easy to get it off or is this just a very time and energy consuming chisel job? Any input or tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!


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Apr 03, 2012
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello Ryan You sir are a smart man. You recognize true beauty. What you need to do is go to a tool rental and rent you a small to midsize electric hammer with a small chisel. The plaster crap will come off. Get as much of the big stuff off, and then get a metal wire brush, and small wood chisel, and get the rest, your labor will be well worth the beauty you will have when the job is complete.
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Thank you again for helping keep America Beautiful
Charlie Cummins

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