Osha 10hr 30hr Training

Osha Classes nmeed to be Fast, Affordable and Convenient.

Online OSHA 10hr 30hr Training Courses

These are provider of OSHA 10 Hour online training courses. Our easy-to-use program is designed to help you get your Department of Labor OSHA 10 Hour completion card as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

OSHA 10hr 30hr Training

Construction Training

  • On-site Course
  • 3 or 4 Day Classes
  • Each Trainee Gets an OSHA CFR 1926
  • Earn Your OSHA 30-hr Course Completion Card
  • Online Version Also
  • Prove to OSHA and your employees that your Company is serious about workplace safety! They will treat you better when they visit your job site!

    Demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety & compliance by having the Certified Safety Professionals deliver the OSHA ten hour or OSHA thirty hour Safety Course in either Construction Topics or General Industry Topics for your company.

    Ask if one of the OSHA-authorized outreach trainers will come to your facility or jobsite to conduct the training for a group of employees. Also if they arrange for an off-site classroom for your group.

    All trainers should be approved by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA) Training & Outreach Division to deliver these classes. Some also offer On-Line OSHA 10-hour & OSHA 30-hour courses in Construction or General Industry.

    The first half of either OSHA 10-hour classes cover certain OSHA-mandated topics, such as an overview of OSHA, tips on how to locate specific OSHA regulations, and basic electrical safety. But the remaining 5 hours of the class can be customized to address other OSHA General Industry Topics or Construction Topics that pertain specifically to your operations! So attendees leave the class armed with training, reference materials, and information that is truly meaningful.

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