Mortar Net

Mortar Net:

The Net is placed on top of the flashing inside the cavity where it catches and suspends mortar droppings above the level of weep holes and flashing. Dovetail shape prevents the mortar from forming a continuous dam. The shape of the material, in combination with 90% open plastic mesh configuration, allows water and air to move rapidly and easily through material to the weeps greatly reducing the risk of efflorescence.

Mortar Net is the leading mortar dropping collection product providing the solution for clogged weep holes in masonry cavity construction, and ensures masonry walls breathe, drain and dry out quickly and efficiently. It eliminates weep hole blockage from mortar droppings and ensures water that enters the wall will be directed to the weep holes. It is placed on top of the flashing inside the wall cavity where it catches and permanently suspends mortar droppings above the level of the weep holes. Its patented dovetail shape prevents mortar from forming a continuous dam and its shape, in combination with its 90 percent open mesh weave, allows water to rapidly and easily move through the material of the product to the weeps.

It also allows for proper air movement in and out of the cavity. This eliminates pressure differentials that force moisture into the cavity, thus promoting rapid drying of the wall.

It's efficient management of moisture migration eliminates efflorescence on interior and exterior masonry walls, prevents damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles and is the first step in preventing conditions that allow mold growth.

Pics and literature are compliments of Mortar Net

Mortar Net is a proven way to control efflorescence on masonry walls. It allows the water to run out under the masonry units instead of through it, bringing the salts and minerals out to the surface. This greatly reduces the deterioration process when the water from rain, condensation, or cleaning can escape through the net rather than the pores of the masonry unit.