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Would you use this mortar mix to lay block on a big job, like a complete house? Which is better this mix or the mix you would get from Cemex? Thanks

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Apr 07, 2012
by: Charlie Cummins

Premixed mortar is the best thing that has happened to mortar in a long time. JUST ADD WATER. The strength is unbelievable, just tell them what you want, and they get it there. No counting, less thinking for the mortar man, KISS

Also in the unlikely event, they mess up when batching it on City, State, and Federal Projects, they are on the hook, to help you get off the hook, should it not test out. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT NOT TESTING OUT--Most projects ask for 2 or 3000 psi, and most pre mix goes over 5000 psa, so sleep easy and use pre mix mortar.

You like to ask questions, that is good, and you may enjoy the information on Be sure and read all the links, and download all the free stuff. Pay special attention to the Guarantees---gotta have guarantees, right?
Thank you
Charlie Cummins

Aug 06, 2008
by: masonryworktools

If you look at the video on
you will see the mortar used in that video is Quickrete brand, they do have a type "N" (nonstructural)and a type "S" (structural) we used type "S" on the Walgreens in the video and it meets the UBC requirements. Also on this project we used type "S" Spec Mix Brand. If the bag says on it conforms to the ASTM C 270 it should be fine.

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