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When choosing a Masonry School to go to, it is very important to choose one that covers all the basics, and also has a descent price along with it. I will reassure you that right when you get out of school you will still have a lot to learn, on site experience is worth a whole lot. Choose a program that covers every aspect of masonry including stone, natural, cultured, brick veneer, block, glass block, and mortar mixing. Simply put; hands on experience is one of the most important aspects to a Masonry School.

Tools that brickmasons use are levels, gauge lines, plumb lines, trowels, hammers, chisels, caulking guns, and power saws.

School Working Conditions: Apprentice brickmasons usually work outdoors. They stand, kneel, bend, and lift over long periods of time. Sometimes they must work on scaffolds above the ground.

Educational Requirements: Apprenticeships for brickmasons are usually sponsored by local contractors or local trade unions. To become an apprentice, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 and a member of the sponsoring trade organization. Apprentices often begin by working with laborers, carrying materials, mixing mortar, and building scaffolds. This period generally lasts about a month. Next, they learn to lay, align, and set bricks. A formal program generally requires 4 years of training. Most programs require 144 classroom hours and 4800 hours of on-the-job training. Attendance at night school may be required. For related information and recommended courses to prepare for this occupation, Tennessee high school students may visit the Trade and Industrial Education Standards, Competency Profiles, and Resource Links online.

Basic Outlook: Skilled brickmasons are expected to be good as the growth in demand will continue as population and business growth will create a need for new homes, factories, schools, hospitals, offices, and other masonry structures. Thus the need to start in a school to help your skills grow. The estimated number of brickmasons and block masons in Tennessee is 2,460. It is projected there will be an increase of 23 percent in this occupation through the year 2012 with 90 job openings annually.

A Masonry School can earn you an education putting you in a position to make excellent money in the masonry industry. 

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