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Masonry Hand Tools are a necessity for any mason, weather doing brick, block, stone, natural or cultured. We here at masonryworktools strive to bring you good information about each tool so that you can choose between the best and the most affordable. Below is a good description of the best Masonry Hand Tools. 

Most people, even experienced masons often overlook the different angles of raked joints, the mortar is not compact against the surfaces of the joint. Instead, the front portion of the mortar joint is scraped out. Raking the mortar out can open up voids in the head and bed joints that increase water penetration. Also, a ledge is formed on the top surface of the brick unit at the base of the bed joints. When raining, water flowing down the face of the wall collects on this ledge and readily penetrates the masonry at any separations or voids that occur on the bottom edge of the joint.

A commonly overlooked problem with masonry walls using raked joints is that these walls are often aggressively cleaned. When mortar is raked out of the joints, it is smeared on the edges of the brick at the recesses. To remove the mortar, contractors often clean the walls multiple times with acid solutions or moderate-to-high pressure water. These aggressive cleaning techniques can open up additional voids and separations, which increases the likelihood of water penetration.

Although the raked joint is appealing to the eye whenever possible, I recommend using tooled joints to provide a hard compact surface that is more durable and resistant to water penetration. 

Brick Tongs for Lifting and Carrying Bricks and BlocksAdjustable Brick Tongs, enabling the user to carry 6 to 10 bricks at a time.Permits single handed lifting of bricks and blocks by cantilever action. Adjustable length to suit task in hand. 

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