by Robert Bass
(Louisville Ky)

I was in the masonry field for over 40 years I owned a commercial masonry company for 25 years. I come out of a family of masons and that's the way it was done in the old days. When ever I got a mason out of school and I got many, I had to retrain him because he always thought he new it all. The only thing you get from the school is what we call trial broken. Then you need to come out to the job sit to learn how it is really done. Schools are good for getting a person ready to start learning how to become a real mason. I think they need to be told this when they leave school. Then when they get on the job they will not think they already know and they should come out making top dollar right away. A lot of your school bricklayers think they are masons and they are not it takes time to become a real mason. Most don't even know what a real mason is. A real mason is someone that can do all fazes of the masonry field, brick, block, stone, glass block, concrete, tile, drywall, plaster, and stucco. If you can not do all these you are not a mason you are what ever you do, bricklayer, concrete finisher, drywall-er, and so on.


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May 24, 2015
by: Charlie Cummins

The Department of Labor says we need 37.5% more brick, block, and stonemasons between now and 2020.

Now is a good time to start training, cause you been in the trade long enough to know that if we loose as much of the construction market in the next 50 years as we have in the last 50 years, there won't be any buildings with brick, block, or stone on them.

How did we lose so much of the market?? No one trains anymore. I have trained sons of masonry contractors because they either don't have the time or no how to train their own sons.

The trade has lost tens of thousands of good men who were told they would teach them to lay brick, but first you gotta be a helper/hoddie, then 10 years later they still are a hoddie, cause no body will train them on the job.

I started the trade in Dallas Texas in 1963. I have been a contractor and school owner/ trainer since 1975.

You need to start training people.

My training, and other sites are, and

And I am still learning. They say when you stop learning/ working you die, or when you know everything you die, so I want to keep on, keeping on, and helping this great trade that I love dearly by training others how to do it.

Good luck to you.

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