by anthony

Who is that in the video laying block? No waste, smooth motion, he makes it seem so easy, is he located on the east coast?

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Apr 07, 2012
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello Jason, if we are talking about the same mason I have seen laying 12" CMU, he is very smooth, fast and from the angle looks like he may be laying every top of the block, (to the top of the line, not the middle of the line or the bottom of the line. Can't see.

I wonder how he is for proper height, you know every 8" 6 courses equal 4 feet, (not 47 1/4) THE GUY I saw is definitely an all star, and on a lot of jobs, PROPER HEIGHT MAY NOT MATTER.

If we are talking about the same guy, who is not spreading enough mud to hold up a 12" to the proper height, then there would be a huge problem if he is working on a CITY, STATE, OR FEDERAL PROJECT.

However he can very easy correct that just by spreading the mud a lot thicker, so it will hold the 12" block on 8"

Now to sum it up, the guy I am talking about is a great mason, and any Contractor who would not hire him, IS NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK. The guy I saw is not perfect, however like I tell people, (me and you are the only 2 perfect people I know, and sometimes I wonder about you) SMILE THAT IS A JOKE.

You may could learn a lot by going to, read all the links, and guarantees, download all the free stuff. Your gonna be a great one in this trade, CAUSE YOU ASK QUESTIONS, AND GIVE COMPLIMENTS.
Thank you
Charlie Cummins

Aug 02, 2011
Spreading mortar
by: F.J.N.

I do not believe a carte' blanche' statement as to not use the back of trowel to spread mortar for block work is a accurate thing to say.If the following criteria is applied with positive responce i'd say go for it. The questions are:is the mortar bed even and uninteruped? are the faces of block devoid of mortar smears? are the motions devoid of wasted effort? does the use of trowel back prevent continous wrist strain because diffrent muscle groups are alternatively used? I would say the answers to those questions are a resounding YES! To refuse to acknowledge the obvious answer and say the use of the back of the trowel is off limits is to condem a batters stance as the ball flies over the score board and pitcher weeps.

Apr 02, 2011
not bad
by: Anonymous

He's alright, but nothing too special. Just takes practice. I teach an apprentice class. Would never have anyone spread with the back of their towel or tap the end of the block down that's against their previous block first. He's a little pecky too.

Nov 04, 2009
You can do as good a job!
by: Anonymous

If you practice a couple years

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