mason apprentice

by phil

do you have any tips for a lefthanded bricklayer

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Apr 07, 2012
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello Lefty, your in luck, cause I am left handed also, and if you go to the course is done, demonstrated both left and right handed. You will learn the proper way to stand, turn, lay forward, and back em in, both left and right handed. For both brick, and block.
Note all the links, and pay special attention to all the Guarantees, especially BE THE BOSS.

Thank you
Charlie Cummins

Aug 07, 2008
Left Handed
by: masonryworktools

That is kinda funny because I actually tried to teach a left handed guy how to incorporate the techniques used in the video, I finally came to the conclusion that every left handed person has always been used to doing it their own style because they had to their whole life, so now take the same basic techniques and swap them over to your left hand, and all thats left to do is practice :)

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