Laborer trying to become a mason

by Remy Simoneaux
(Walhalla SC, U.S.)

I have been working with my father in laws masonry company as a laborer and have become quite interested in working my way up to becoming a mason. In my shed out back I've been diligently practicing laying block and brick and block but i am a little discouraged. Most of the guys who work for my father in law have been there for a really long time, and most of them started out laboring for about three years before becoming masons. I don't know if thats the average amount of time it takes but i dont think i need that much time.

What is the average time it takes to go from a laborer to a mason, and what can i do to expedite that process.

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May 24, 2015
by: Charlie Cummins

I have trained hundreds who when they came to me had never had a trowel in their hand. With an average of 250-300 hours of hands on training using my training course, they went to the Union and if they were 25 years old, they lied and told the BA, that they had been laying brick, block, stone for 7 years non union. The Union sent them to a prevailing wage job that a Union contractor was lucky enough to gotten, then in 3 days came out and told my student either to get off the job or join the Union. They joined the Union and got a Journeyman's Bricklayers Card. That my friend beats a 3 or 4 year apprenticeship. Do you agree?

Now depending on how many bad habits you may have now, I have trained hoddies who could do (SOMETHING) like spread mud!!!! in correctly meaning their wrist killed them after a few hours of spreading, and by them following my training they finished the course in less than 150 hours.

I guarantee everyone I train a job or their money back. Been doing it for 15 years, and never made a refund. You sound like you want to BE THE BOSS!! Check out my other sites for BE THE BOSS, and CONSULTING. and my training site is

Good Luck
Charlie Cummins 602 692 1896

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