by Shannon
(bridgeport il.)

Hello i was just wondering if you could tell me the difference in diamond blades is wet dry brick block stone ext. Ive worked as a mason in a small company in small town for almost ten years and always wondered about that

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Apr 06, 2012
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello Shannon

There is no such thing as a dumb question. They make lots of diamond blades, some for just cutting brick, some block, some concrete, some REBAR, AND YES I SAID REBAR.

PR DIAMOND IN LAS VAGAS, makes a blade that cuts anything, wet dry, including rebar. 20 inch blade or smaller. ONE BLADE FOR EVERYTHING.

Shannon to find out more about the masonry business go to, read all the links, and you will then know more about the masonry business than some who say they have been in it for a long long time.

Good luck to you
Charlie Cummins

May 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

So any of you old timers know whats in cement that makes it get hard???

May 15, 2010
quiting job
by: Anonymous

who are you the smart ass you dont talk like that on the jobs im on but go ahead run your mouth and hide our face....chicken shit

May 11, 2010
find a new job
by: Anonymous

Maybe you need to quit your job. I bet your still a laborer

May 07, 2010
Diamond blades
by: Michlic

The difference between diamond blades can be complicated if you have many different cementous materials to cut. If you are strictly cutting brick and block, than this can be relativly simple.

The amount of diamond content reflex the differenct in price and longevity of the blade. If you have substantial use, it would be more profitable to buy a good quality (thickness) and diamond content blade. If this is for just sometimes than a lower cost blade will be suffice.

Wet cutting will reduce dust and is extremely usefull indoors, but requires clean up of slurry. Out door cutting is usually done with dry cut and is more portable to move around your site.

Cutting asphalt and green concrete (fresh poured concrete) is more abrasive than cured concrete and should use a blade specificly designed for this or you will eat up your hard cutting blade.

30 years in the concrete business have taught me that diamond blades are much more cheaper then carbon blades. When measuring the inch/ft X price of blade. You will spend more on carbon blades than the cost of a diamond blade.

Hope this answers your question

Regards, Michael

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