John Swink, PE, LEED-AP

by John Swink
(Fort Worth, TX)

I was sent a copy of your block laying video in May. It ends with your website address, but i cannot find the video on your website. This is a great resource and I would like to know who made the video, so I can give proper credit.

Sincere regards,

John Swink

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Apr 03, 2012
John Swink-Blocklaying Video NEW
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello John, I don't know if it was my Video or not that you looked at, however I will put mine up against anyone in the world, and I got a great Guarantee. Please go to there is lots of free stuff you can download for free, and free is hard to beat. Also look at my GUARANTEES. You will also find more interesting information that may bennifit you if you will go to these sites, pay special attention to the GUARANTEES. They are and Remember check out the GUARANTEES.
Thank you
Charlie Cummins

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