John Evans

by John Evans
(preston, vic, Australia)

Recently I have renovated a little at my uncles house in his sun room. The house foundation has moved and one room in particular had shown cracks and opening in the walls. I'm no mason and had no experience with brick work at all. I had proceeded to fill the gaps with mortar. But this isn't the issue.. the issue is that we had wood cornus surrounding the top and the wall had fake wood sheeting which had shown gaps as well. I proceeded to fill the gaps with no more gap filler and plaster filler which had got onto the brick work and my uncle is not impressed at all!!! I am no mason or tradie and realized i had make a huge mistake!! I had seen this site and thought i might ask u guys what is the best most effective way to clean off the bricks without damaging them or discoloring them. Mainly to get rid of the excess mortar, (Selleys) no-more gap filler and (Boscote)multi purpose joint cement and repair compund?

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Apr 03, 2012
by: Charlie Cummins

John you get an A for effort. You can clean up the mess with a scrapper and then go to Home Depol, or simular in your area, and they will sell you something to clean the stain off.
However you have other problems, and I believe it is your foundation. To learn how to fix that problem and make your Uncle happy, plus you can learn to make a lot of money fixing others who have the problem, you need to go to read all the links, especially If I can be of further help please contact me at 602 692 1896, 24/7 From these sites you will learn how you can make yourself and your Uncle very happy.
Thank you
Charlie Cummins

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