cut a new opening in a brick veneer wall

by dan
(Park Ridge, IL, US)

I need to cut a new opening in a brick veneer wall so that I can install a new 3’ x 3’ window. Interior framing is 2x4. Above new opening there will be 3’ of brick to deal with. I was hoping someone could provide a clear concise ‘how to’ on this topic... including flashing, lintel, turning brick, etc for a finished seamless finish. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

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Apr 15, 2015
Best info
by: Donna E. Kyler

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Apr 06, 2012
Cutting out brick for a window NEW
by: Charlie Cummins

Masonryworktools advice is very good. Another way, (if you live in an area where moisture is a problem is this. Cut out an additional 3 or 4 courses above the window, clean the brick so you can reuse them. install flashing, and extend it 6 inches past the window jambs, Put a 3'"X3", or 4"X4" lintle, relay the brick, and be sure and put 3 or 4 weep holes over the window so moisture can leave the building, like Elvis. If you live in a dry area, then do it like masonrworktools suggest.
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Thank you
Charlie Cummins

Nov 16, 2009
by: Anonymous


Nov 09, 2009
Masonry opening

There are several ways you could do this, one is cut the window opening 3 inches bigger all the way around and place a 2x4 inside the opening then construction adhesive and tapcon or blue screw the 2x4 to the brick. Then mount your window to the 2x4 and trim out the window with a piece of flashing to cover the 2x4 and seal it with silicone. As far as structural, or the lintel I would recommend accessing the back of the brick from the inside of the house and cut a slot in the back of the brick and slide a 4x4 angle iron into the slot,overlapping the edge of the window 5 inches. The brick will not crack or settle after you cut the hole in the wall because it pyramids itself out, thus giving you time to reinforce it before time takes it's toll on it.

Hope this helps, thanks for visiting

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