Cinderblock as a counter weight

by Peter

Is it legal or illegal to hang cinder blocks from the top of scaffolding? Can I get in trouble or sued over this?

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Apr 02, 2012
Cinderblock as a counter weight
by: Charlie Cummins

Hello Peter, anymore what is legal?? We have been using block as counterweight on the first scaffold run for the 49 years I been doing it, but anymore, (you got to ask the inspector) and even the different inspectors may not agree on it.
If the wall is going another run of scaffold, go ahead and put it up, don't forget the handrails and etc. Anymore it takes as much time to build the OSHA APPROVED scaffold as it does the wall, sometimes longer if it a City, State, or Federal Job. As far as being sued, you can get sued for looking at someone the wrong way. NOT TO BE NEGATIVE, (SMILE) You may pick up a trick or 2 by going to also also
Thank you
Charlie Cummins
PS, you will get a lot of opinions on this Peter, and my statement to all who disagree with me on something like this is THIS. You can go rob a bank, take all that money, go live anywhere in the world you choose, and never work again----IF YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT.

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