Choosing a Contractor

Here are a few very important tips for Choosing a Contractor!.

Home Improvement Contractors

Choosing a Contractor for your Masonry Project

Here’s a checklist of things to consider when selecting your Masonry Contractor
Let’s use ratings of “Best”, “Good”, “OK”, “Fair” and “Reject” to classify some of these items.

    Getting Names of Possible Contractors:
  • You have had good personal prior experience working with contractor [BEST]
  • Reliable referral from direct experience of family or friends [GOOD] 
  • You know of the contractor's reputation but have no direct experience [OK]
  • You found them from a trade association or general advertising [FAIR]
    State Contractor Licensing (they must provide the number if licensed):
  • Licensed; has never had a complaint filed or had disciplinary action taken [BEST]
  • Licensed; has no prior complaints filed for at least 3 or more years [FAIR]
  • Licensed; current complaints or actions against them within the past 3 years [REJECT]
  • Contractor has no license [REJECT]
    Insurance (ask to see their certificates): 

  • Workman's Compensation and General Liability [BEST]
  • General Liability only (bodily injury and property damage) [GOOD]
  • Contractor has no insurance [REJECT]

    Business Longevity:
  • In business more than 10 years with the same name [BEST]
  • In business 5 or more years with the same name [GOOD]
  • In business 1 to 5 years with the same name [OK]
  • New business under 1 year [FAIR]

    Stability and Permanence:
  • Has a physical business office and address [BEST]
  • Has only a Home office or answering service [FAIR]
  • Cell phone contact only, no office [REJECT]
    Reference Check (yes, you should check references) 

  • Positive prior current references from at least 5 customers [BEST]
  • 1 to 4 positive references from past customers [FAIR]
  • No real references or negative references provided [REJECT]
  • Specializes in the work you want performed [BEST]
  • Can perform the work you want but also does other types of work [OK]
  • Little to no experience in the work you want performed [REJECT]
    Scope and Price:  (All Items are Required)
  • Detailed description of the scope of work
  • Assumptions (if any) are clear and accurate
  • Contractor will Guarantee the work
  • All verbal Contractor representations are in writing
  • No more than 25% to 33% asked for up front
  • Final payment not required until work is complete

  • Find A Home Improvement Contractor!

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