Chimney BASE

by Jason
(Franklin, Ct)

I will be attempting to build a new chimney in my old farm house. I dug out my basement (by hand) and made a crawl space into a full walk-in basement. I needed to tear down the old existing one because the base was to close to the rafters and was in terrible shape with ceasol dripping everywhere from the attic down to the basement. My house in constructed in the old bost and beam. The chimney is located almost in the center of the house. The openings between floors is a square all tied in with the post and beam. Could someone please give my the opening dimension for those openings? I really cant make them any bigger because that is part of the main structure to the house. I was thinking if i had to i could cut off a little of the block on all sides to make it through those openings in the floors, is that ok to do? One last thing, does anyone have any info about getting started at the base, clean-outs and so forth?

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Feb 03, 2011
Chimney Construction

In no way should you ever cut off the block to fit it through the floor joists, this is a very dangerous fire hazard. The minimum clearance from the outside of masonry to anything combustible is 2 inches when going through a floor joist. This is very critical, the only thing you can have in that space is some fiberglass non craft faced bats for a draft stop.

Dec 26, 2010
Chimney repair
by: charlie Cummins

Hello Jason. You need to go to, or, then call me, Charlie Cummins, at 602 692 1896. I need to discuss this with you, and get more information, and mabey some pictures. I would think twice before tearing the old down. I would only do it as a last resort.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you
Charlie Cummins

PS I take my hat off to anyone who will dig out a craw space by hand to get a walk in basement. We need people like you in this trade. I can tell you how you can fix what you have yourself, and save thousands of dollars.

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