Champ Forklift

I personally like very much the Champ Forklift, they seem to stay running good and for a long time too. Seems like you can use them to death and they still keep on going, the energizer Champ :) Although I have seen a lot of them up for sale I still believe they are an excellent investment, and I will try and have a few available for you to look at. The rough terrain champs make an excellent yard lift. There are a lot of used forklifts out on the market and you can find one for an excellent moneywise investment. When you find the one you would like to own, run it through this Forklift Inspection Checklist before you make the commitment so you don't get in over you head.

If you are picking up your lift at an auction, it is wisdom to take a mechanic along with you, run this checklist and make sure there are no major problems with it.

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