The Brick Trowel

W. Rose Brick Trowel is an excellent tool choice for the job and have been improved over generations of craftsmen. These trowels are not only used by professionals but also by home owner do-it-yourselfers. It is made by a process which binds, blade ferrule and tang as one piece with soft grip Proform handle firmly attached to the tang.

 This trowel has excellent feel and balance that you expect from a genuine W. Rose tool which makes it my favorite. It's used to lay all kinds of block & brick. The blade, post and tang on all Marshalltown tools are forged from a single piece of high grade steel for maximum strength. After intensive job-site research and impact studies, these trowels have recently been re-engineered to provide the user the finest quality available anywhere. Both wood and Dura-Soft handles are available on most trowels.

Dura-Soft is a resilient material which provides a more comfortable grip and helps reduce fatigue. The handle rise is set for the correct "hang" and balance. The blade is taper-ground and polished to give it the correct flexibility. The widths at the heel are mostly between 5 and 5-1/2 inches. The most popular length is 12 inches. 

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