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my chimney is built lower than my roof when we lit the fire on a windy day smoke came back down and filled the house i then got a cowl thinking the problem was solved until yesterday when my home was full of smoke again the chimney is cleaned and not blocked and Ive been told it could be that its lower than the roof any help or advice would be a great help conor

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Apr 02, 2012
BACK DRAFT PROBLEM? smoke in house NEW
by: charlie Cummins

The problem is SMOKE IN THE HOUSE. This could be several problems causing this. I will address what you think it may be which is the chimney is not high enough. To find out if this is the problem go to the top of the chimney, draw a straight level line from it and there must not be anything touching that imaginary line like a roof or tree or air conditioner, (ANYTHING) for (THEY SAY) 10 FEET. I like to see numbers of 15 or more. If there is something touching then raise the chimney till you have 15 feet or so. If that is not the problem, then I suggest you go to or or post the problem on this great website again.
If your interested in learning how to fix this problem for others and make a lot of money doing it, then go to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE GUARANTEE ON ALL THESE SITES. You may also call me, Charlie Cummins at 602 692 1896 24/7, as this could be a very serious problem and the life you save could be your own, and your family.
Thank you for asking
Charlie Cummins

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