by David R. Cook
(Tipp City, OH)

Your info on chimneys is very good, however it should also address the maximum unsupported height above the roof or plate line.

The dimensions given in the literature only give minimum for fire protection.

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Apr 02, 2012
Fireplace and Architect NEW
by: Charlie Cummins

Always do what the Architect says, especially if the fireplace is not a solid masonry fireplace that has a solid foundation in the ground hopefully that has been built to the Architects Specifications, then you will not have to worry about the floors and roof being built correctly to hold and carry the weight, so the NON SOLID MASONRY FIREPLACE, will not fall down or burn your house down.
For more info about brick, block or stone if you would please go to, or, or if you want to really think about the masonry business, go to, and be sure to read the GUARANTEES ON ALL THESE SITES. Also feel free to call Charlie Cummins at 602 692 1896 24/7
Thank you for your comments and building with brick, block and stone
Charlie Cummins

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