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Hi, I'm working on the design of an existing building renovation. The exterior wall is made of plaster and metal lath on the inside, wood furring strips, 8" CMU block, and unattractive 4" split face brick on the outside. There is no airspace between the brick and block, and no weeps that any of us can find. We want to paint the brick, and are worried about the paint forming a barrier and creating a condition where moisture will get trapped in the wall. Have you got any advice about how to go about doing this safely?

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Feb 17, 2018
Weep Vents
by: masonryworktools Admin

If you can determine the thickness of the brick, take a masonry drill bit and wrap a piece of tape around the bit at the desired depth as a guide and you can make weep vents at bottom, to prevent bugs from entering wall cavity the plastic weep vents can be tapped into the hole with a mallet. I do highly recommend doing vents if your creating another vapor barrier. Hope this helps, sorry bout the slow reply.

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